We are a full service solar business based in the Los Angeles region.

We distinguish ourselves with the highest quality installations and impeccable professionalism that is reflected in all of our staff. We are a grassroots and family owned company with an office staff of young and experienced professionals that take pride in being trendsetters in the solar industry.


As millennials, we are not only environmentally conscious but also share the spirit of entrepreneurship, we successfully married two issues that we are passionate about.
We found a niche market in becoming a fully-fledged engineering, procurement, and construction company that has an established foundation and chain of command, rather than the typical solar installers that are quite difficult to communicate with.

Mega Solar Inc is always there when you need us, we guarantee the highest quality installations, best turn over in job completion, and you will always have someone to answer your inquiries promptly.


Our team members are equipped with 30 years of experience in the industry and we are constantly up to date on technological advancements, making us even more confident that there’s just no one better than us in the field!

EPC Providers

Founded by a band of fellow young, up-and-coming entrepreneurs from various backgrounds, 30 years later our agency offers a full range of engineering, procurement and construction services.


When it comes to making sure that your service needs are met in every aspect solar, we are the ones for the job.